Thursday, July 7, 2016

30-Day Testing Challenge, Days 4-7

Day 4: I did not share a testing blog post with a non-tester. It was a holiday in the US so I had plenty of time to read plenty of quality stuff (ooh, unintentional pun), but nothing seemed of general interest enough to rise to the level of sharing with friends who seemed more concerned with Kevin Durant leaving the OKC Thunder, parades, and fireworks. 

Day 5: Despite reading lots and lots of posts, I didn't comment on any of them.  Which stinks because that makes me a passive consumer instead of part of a conversation.  I commented a few days before that on The Testophiliac's Day 2 post

Day 6: The whole day was crazy...And it involved testing, so I guess that counts.  I spent the day at work deep-diving into Citrix, which is one of my favorite problem solving wins of my career. Lots of googling error messages, investigating network behaviors that turned out to be dead-ends, striking gold by finding clues in event logs, not finding the tool I needed to solve the problem uncovered in event logs due to a quirky permissions issue, and once the IT guy worked through that issue, it was smooth sailing.

And Day 7: Accessibility bug?  Sadly, I don't often think about it in the context of my work. I found a good resource here that describes the different approaches to testing and the different personas we can think about in our work.  Just knowing this exists will help me keep it in mind.

Other projects: Still reading Jerry Weinberg's Perfect Software book, did a tutorial on github the other night, played with, and listened to the latest episode of the Testing Show, which is *almost* as addictive to me as The West Wing Weekly.

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