Saturday, July 16, 2016

30 Day Testing Challenge - Day 16 - "Go to a Non-Testing Event"

I hope a wedding counts.  Because I'm going to a wedding! The oldest of my younger set of cousins....I was 10 when she was born, the perfect age for me to want to play with her and be responsible for her but to have no idea what I was actually doing.  She's a brilliant young woman and I'm looking forward to hanging out with my nerdy, awkward, funny family.

Not much progress on the other testing challenge days.  Does anyone else find creating mind-maps awkward?  Maybe my mind is just awkwardly shaped.

I registered for some webinars -- One about performance testing this week and 10 Testing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them on July 27. 

I downloaded an app in which to find bugs: Swipe Four.  Ended up getting addicted to the game after one session and cannot return, lest I see words in my sleep or when I'm driving.  That's probably not a bug in the game, but in my awkwardly-shaped mind.

I didn't take a picture of my team or doodle a problem.  I'm always finding and complaining about user-experience problems in the world.  The process of ordering checks from my bank allows you to finalize and place an order, at which point it errors out and tells me to use their phone system to reorder.  I did this twice within a few days, just to be sure, since apparently I'd rather waste time going through an online check reordering process that I'm pretty sure will fail than have to make a phone call.   Oh that experience covers the E-Commerce site item also. 

Stepping out of my comfort zone: I haven't strayed *too* far, but I'm testing the waters every now and then.  I've been more assertive than usual in trying to solve process challenges that are leading to roadblocks/bottlenecks.  It's been both euphorically empowering and "OH NO THEY THINK I'M OVERBEARING"

Another comfort-zone item is perfection in my writing.  I have consciously tried to not rewrite sentences or delete entire paragraphs.  Extending my post from yesterday, one way I can make more time for writing is to have my writing take less time (whoa).  Stop dwelling over how everything sounds, whether it makes me sound timid or too enthusiastic, or too cliche. I'm not even re-reading this before I publish.  My comfort zone is far, far in the distance.

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