Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Active Thread on the "The Abysmal State of Testing"

The abysmal state of ‘testing’ in 2016 - and what can we do about it? published by Rosie Sherry of the Software Testing Club. 

This thread has gotten a number of responses - Generally my takeaway is that we need to match our discussion with action and figure out a way to evangelize the benefits of a strong testing team.  I know there is a lot of activity in this area, but each of us testers needs a succinct, inspiring summary about what we do and why development and customers should care.

Reminds me of the excellent talk "Telling our Testing Stories" by Isabel Evans that I had the pleasure of watching on the STAREAST 2016 live stream.

It's up to us to prove our value. And to be our best (alert, curious, educated, assertive, team-player) selves so that we actually *are* of value. 

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