Friday, April 22, 2016

Tulsa Agile Practitioners Meetup

Last week, I made it a priority to attend a meetup group that I had been wanting to visit for a while: 
Tulsa Agile Practitioners (TAP)

It was conducted in an Open Space format - with several topics on the wall with a person willing to lead a discussion.  Pick a topic, find a chair, sit down, listen, and talk.

The conversation could have lasted hours or days, however long the donated Chick-Fil-A supply sustained us. 

My group didn't talk directly about Agile.  We talked about software quality, approaches to advocate for the craft of constructing software, approaches to adding value that can't be automated or easily outsourced...It was nice to find a group of folks in town where Uncle Bob is mentioned casually like he's an actual relative, you overhear things like "Clean Code changed my life", and people crack wise about using Agile principles to put the meeting room tables and chairs back together to their original state. 

A+, will attend again.

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