Wednesday, October 11, 2017

More on the Future of Testing

"As service providers we are adapting to the reality of our teams, and this means a number of different things. For example:
– I see that testers are doing a lot more automation and in different levels within their projects. We are writing all sort of scripts to help the development process, working with multiple automation technologies, and using automation to help us do our tasks faster.
– I also see many more testers going deeper into the technical work of their teams. This is further than automation, going into the logs of the product and sometimes even reviewing the actual code while looking for issues.
– In some cases, and in some organizations, I am seeing how testers are doing more work with production environments, doing A/B testing in live features and becoming data scientist and DevOps alchemists within their teams." - Joel Montvelisky
In addition to "ninja" and "scrappy"..."alchemist" is a good descriptor to aim for professionally.

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  1. Nice - I like to call what I do "software alchemy." When that causes confusion, I explain that often an organization will develop some software "lead" and say, oops, can you change that into gold for us?