Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Good Day at Work

Aspects of good days at work for me:

  • Learned something.  
  • Struggled a little.  Felt a little stupid.  Got over a hurdle and felt a little awesome. 
  • Taught something. 
  • Finished something.  
  • Laughed. 
  • Made someone else laugh.  
  • Appreciated someone. 
  • Helped someone. 
  • Talked with someone else about what they're working on 
  • Spoke up 
  • Shaped the conversation 
  • Left projects and people better than I found them
  • Felt appreciated and "heard"
  • Felt deeply in-the-moment for minutes or hours at a time, when I have something so interesting to work on I have to stay at my desk to see what happens next.  
  • Random bagels or donuts showing up in my path
  • Left my desk with a clear vision of what I want to do tomorrow

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amanda! Try using your aspects, as items checklist own day. Thanks for the tip on the idea.