Thursday, June 30, 2016

30-Day Testing Challenge -> I'm in!

I'm a sucker for challenges.  So far this year, I've used social pressure to drink more water, to organize my home, and read more.  I'm always participating in either the Workweek Hustle or Weekend Warrior challenges using Fitbit with my friends....I hate losing competitions even more than I hate walking, so it's been a benefit for me.  But beyond the competition, I know that we all care about one another's health and it's nice to have friends along commiserating with our struggles and offering mutual encouragement.

So I've signed up for the 30-Day Testing Challenge.  I don't think I'll participate every day; I'm pretty sure my team would check me in for psychiatric evaluation if I asked to get a photo with them...But the other days it'll be good to have a goal either to focus on or to have running in the back of my mind as I work. I anticipate a lot of conversation about this in the testing community in the coming weeks, and I want to be involved instead of on the sidelines.

First step is to find a testing book I haven't read yet!

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